Interactive 3D-visualization of your drawings

with photorealistic colour and texture changing

The highest quality
of models and textures
and camera angle settings
Finishing design tool
from laminate to pillows
Full compliance
with drawings and layout

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Preparing for drawings visualisation
1. Checking the walls and partitions coordinates... 2. Calculation of door and window openings... 3. Checking the arrangement of furniture and plumbing... 4. Formation of interior decoration... 5. Building rooms by coordinate points...
Insufficient data for creating 3D!
Please note that in order to view the 3D visualization it is necessary to:
  • Draw all the walls, arrange window and door openings
  • Arrange the necessary pieces of furniture, plumbing and household appliances

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Photorealistic furniture models
with a full-fledged design tool of textures and materials
All pieces of furniture are divided into component parts, each of them could be repainted or retextured.
All textures are carefully selected by designers and prepared by groups (fabrics, wood, plastic, and so on).
All pieces of interiors and furniture are assembled on the basis of real goods that can be purchased in stores.
Repaint a pillow
Repaint a coverlet
This is a real bed model made in the software!
This is exactly the visualization quality we have achieved in RemPlanner3D!
Simple. Comfortable. Interactive.
We have created a unique product that has no analogues
Does not require downloading
and installation on a computer
Automatic saving
of any changes
Online access to the software
from any device
All drawings changes
will be immediately transferred to 3D
No limit
time and number of rooms
All textures and models
are available immediately
High-quality interactive visualization immediately
without waiting for renders and angles. Here and now.
Quality that others offer These are real screenshots from software and services
created for apartment visualisation.
Quality that RemPlanner3D gives This is not a static render, but a real screenshot from
our online software.

Launch 3D-visualisation of project