Apartment Plans

Thoughtful planning is not an easy task. Professional designers have been learning this for years, and you have much less time for it. We found an evil and straightforward solution to help you draw apartment plan: Remplanner for creating your apartment plan online.

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Signs Of Good Apartment Plans

To get the desired result and thoughtful planning in the end, consider the main factors:

  • Functions - decide why you need each room or furniture item. You may not need a dining room, but a small bar will suffice. A huge king-size bed will look like a clunky mount in your small luxury apartment, and it is better to find an alternative.
  • Ergonomics – our apartment room planner helps to calculate how to divide rooms and place the furniture so that all the doors and drawers open freely. It becomes natural to walk between the dining table and the kitchen set.
Signs Of Good Apartment Plans

How to Draw Apartment Floor Plans with Remplanner?

Feel free to create all types of apartment plans you want, classic or modern. Name and choose a color for each room to differentiate the bathroom from the kitchen for convenience.

Take Measurements of Your Apartment

Draw a detailed plan of the room. Together with our apartment planner, note the dimensions of the walls, the ceiling height, and the window and door openings. Measure everything that can be measured.

Place Openings

Our multifunctional apartment layout planner will mark the openings of different rooms. You can choose the opening direction and add components - the catalog of windows and doors is available on the site.

Choose a Room Style

Then you have to work hard. Create a general idea of your apartment in one click with our apartment design planner. Choose style and pay attention to features:

  1. Finishing materials
  2. Color palette
  3. Furniture

Don’t trust inaccurate information found on the Internet! Baroque and rococo are different styles, and modernism has nothing to do with art nouveau. Trust our apartment planner!

Place Furniture

When the design of your apartment is complete, you can place the furniture in the bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room, and all other rooms.

What If You Don’t Have Time For Designing?

Our apartment room planner collection consists of apartment designs in various sizes and fillings. Looking for an affordable and comfortable apartment for your family, browse our apartment plans supply. The plans are varied in style, size, and specifications.

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