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You have the opportunity to plan your space from scratch or choose blank space plans. The templates of flooring plans contain a ready-made version for the bedroom, bathroom, tiny house, living room, kitchen, office, and large loft.

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When you choose this section, you will be presented with three options to design a new room.

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Start New Projects

Use Remplanner to build everything from scratch. Decide on your design and layout, choose your favorite furniture from our flooring plans catalog, and do more.

Space Plan Interiors

Find out with the expert what factors must be considered when planning the premises. Plan your space in the rooms, kitchen, and bathroom. Without a detailed schematic image of the room, it is difficult to imagine changes in design. Proper room layout will facilitate major renovations and redesign.

Office Space Floor Plan

An office space should be functional, easy to operate, and logically designed for easy operation. Open Space - open-plan offices are convenient, popular, and comfortable for certain activities.

My Projects

Have a new idea? Continue working on your previous projects, using old sketches. Enjoy the process of your perfect floor plan creation with the innovative tool. Look through the vast catalog and pick the items that suit you best. You can share, render, copy, and save your project plan.

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My Projects

Use Templates

If you can’t decide what room you want and how to furnish it correctly, go to our helping Templates. Here, we keep the examples of the best space plans, which you can remodel and change as you wish.

Create Coziness & Certain Style of Each Room

It is not an easy task to create such a detailed and high-quality space design without using professional tools. Create and share your flooring plans, taste various options, gather opinions, and see what you think is your style and where your head lies.

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