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Are you planning a renovation or redevelopment of the apartment? Have a look at our Free software for floor plans that will allow you to draw a housing plan and arrange interior items accurately. Dozens of floor plan examples will give you an instant head-start.

DRAW Floor Plans Online with our Remplanner free floor plan creator in 3 stages!

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Stage 1: Make a Sketch

Stage 1: Make a Sketch

The sketch is a draft where you can build an apartment plan, decide what you will achieve, divide space, and design projects for your home. Draw the scheme of the apartment in a horizontal section (a top view) at the proportions and geometry of the rooms using the best floor plan software. Measure all the apartment walls and apply the results to the diagram.

  • Try not to miss any details. Consider all the design features.
  • Take ready forms of rooms and adjustment of their width and length.
  • Use functions that will allow you to mark parts for disassembly.
  • Use simple floor plans software to place radiators, sockets, lighting, air conditioners, etc.

Stage 2: Add Details

Pick any architectural symbol, shape, and icon from our online floor plan creator library and furnish your house. What are the advantages of using Remplanner?

  • Add doors, windows, structural parts, and walls.
  • Built-in decorative elements: floor, tables, chairs, and hanging plants.
  • Draw the symbols and textures and upload them to your library.
Stage 2: Add Details

Stage 3: Share Your Creativity

Design a floor plan and view your creation in 2D and 3D editors. Export the result in various formats and quality. Are you done with floor plans? Print your sketch, export it to PDF, share it online, or transfer it to another form.

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