Step-by-step tutorial about creating drawings
Step 1. Software interface

Creating competent drawings requires a large number of tools, which are grouped according to their purpose in our software.

Toolbar Here you choose, which tool
to draw. Each sheet has
its own set of tools.
Plan sheet bar Each sheet corresponds to a specific stage of the project.
Fill in the sheets sequentially one by one.
Additional modules and modes All auxiliary functions and
modules for printing, processing and analyzing drawings are collected here.
Customization of appearance and additions Here you can customize the appearance of drawings
and use additional tools.
Software interface
Moving and scaling
Moving and scaling To move the drawing field,
hold down the left mouse button anywhere
and move the cursor aside.
Moving and scaling You can change the scale of drawings (zoom in
and zoom out) using the mouse wheel or the slider in the lower right corner.
Moving and scaling Use the keyboard arrows to move wall nodes, furniture and other items in the desired direction.
Moving and scaling The Escape key on the keyboard allows you to
quickly cancel the active tool or hide the context menu.
Step 2. Wall drawing
Start drawing with the walls. This is the first tool on the panel of the initial plan.
Start drawing the first wall anywhere on the drawing area. Click and hold the left mouse button on the starting point of the wall. Then, without releasing the mouse button, move the cursor to the desired distance in the desired direction to the endpoint of the wall and release the mouse button - at this moment the wall will be fixed on the drawings.
Try to draw the walls clockwise in one direction. Make sure adjacent walls are connected to each other. The red colour of the drawing circle will tell you about this - it means that you connect two walls together.
To perform any actions with already drawn walls, you need to right-click on any of them.

In the context menu, you find all available actions for the selected wall, including deleting and resizing.

If you select a wall with a short left mouse click, then the mode of moving this wall and its nodes is activated.
Drag the circles (nodes) of the wall endings that appear or the entire wall (the circle in the middle of the wall). Hold down the left mouse button and release it when the move action is complete.
Step 3. Display settings
In the lower right corner, there is available a set of additional options to customize the display and drawing.
You can hide dimensions if they interfere with drawing.
Turn off hints and magnets when drawing walls.
Turn on furniture lighting on separate sheets.
Turn on power socket lighting on separate sheets.
Add distances and dimensions to drawings.
Add text labels and comments to the plan.
Centre the plan if lost in the working field.
Erase drawings to start drawing again.
Step 4. Door and window openings
After you have drawn the walls, arrange window and door openings on top of them.
Note! It is necessary to install all openings exactly ON TOP of the walls, leaving no empty areas between the walls.
Step 5. Arrangement of furniture and plumbing
To get started, you need to go to the furniture sheet in the general list and select the appropriate item in the toolbar.
Note! Furniture, plumbing and other elements on the planning sheets are installed ONLY inside the rooms and enclosed spaces on the drawings. You cannot place an item on an empty drawing field.
To move an already installed item, you can “drag” it with the left mouse button.
To rotate, delete, change the size or parameters of an item, open the context menu by right-clicking on this item and select the required action.
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