Plan your house interior with Remplanner online

When developing a home interior design, you should consider your needs and preferences and create a floor plan, taking into account the functionality of each space. When designing each room, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail to create a comfortable and cozy space.

You can complete the design in the chosen style and select furniture and finishing materials. The future style of the house is often determined by the living room and kitchen, where people spend the most time, so you can start by planning these spaces.

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Plan your house interior with Remplanner online

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With Remplanner, you can develop and implement a house interior design project starting from a floor plan and getting down to the details of well-developed working drawings. These will have all the elements your construction team will look for.

The floor plan step of the design will encompass the placement of furniture and appliances to see where you need outlets and plumbing. You would also plan the lightning scenarios as well as other elements that will allow you to enjoy your home.

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The interior design of a home consists of many details that create a welcoming, comfy, and functional space. The interior design project for each room will correspond to the general concept of the chosen style and at the same time will have its own specifics depending on the functional purpose of a particular room.

In the design of a house, everything should be thought out to the smallest detail, from the correct direction of opening the door to the ergonomic arrangement of kitchen appliances. To visualize the future interior of the rooms in your house, you can use the 3D feature available on Remplanner.

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Get ready for your house renovation
Beautifull 3D sketches with modern furniture and equipment

Beautifull 3D sketches with modern furniture and equipment

The interiors of your house can be implemented in a project in different styles and directions from classic to modern style. After you have the floor plan of your house in 2D, you can start the best part of designing your home. You get to fill the rooms with furniture, choose color palettes, floor finishes, and so much more!

  • See your ideas come to life with 3D visualization
  • Make as many adjustments to your design as necessary
  • Play with décor elements and color palettes
  • Create a project that will combine functionality and beauty